Friday, October 9, 2009

Question about beach driving

I have read your ideas on beach renourishment and wonder why there is no initiative to halt driving on our town beaches? Driving on the beach obviously accelerates beach erosion. It leaves ugly rutted out soft sand that causes rapid erosion by wind and water. Not to mention it would be great to go to the beach without worrying about children being hit by cars. It is an outrage! If they want to drive on the beach got to other 4wd areas. I have a degree in geology and I really wish you would listen to the scientist's and not your wallet. S. Nags Head has a high rate of erosion because it is an ancient riverbed and thus bad real estate. That will not change. The beaches in the rest of Nags Head are large. Please stop the erosion by banning beach driving.

Thanks for your comment. I don’t agree with your conclusion on beach driving for a couple of reasons. First, we limit beach driving to Oct 1 thru May 1, a time period we feel like beach users and slow traffic can coexist safely. Second, I don’t feel like driving on the beach contributes significantly to the erosion problem. I believe our erosion comes mainly from larger ocean events, like northeasters and hurricanes. I have seen no empirical evidence that erosion rates are higher because beach driving is permitted. Lastly, beach driving for fishing has been a tradition in Nags Head, one that is continued by the Nags Head Surf Fishing Tournament going on now. I think there is room for these users of the beach to continue.

Sorry we disagree on this point. I certainly welcome discussion. If there are facts that I don’t know, I’d like to know them. Please stay in touch. I hope we agree on other issues for Nags Head.

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