Friday, October 9, 2009

Question about convention center and waste water

I have some mixed emotions about the convention center possibility. I like the thought of having one for the purpose of our need for hotels and bringing people for short stays. Hence, they will hopefully come for a weeks stay in a cottage. I know you know that already.
If not, my other thought was that the open space at that site would be nice if you were to have a boardwalk along the sound where tourist and locals could congregate for a Key West style daily sunset festival. Entertainers and peddlers could pay the town for a license to be there.
I am also concerned about our septic systems. Sewege treatment?
I do like your comment on having the town working better with businesses. If anything just being able to be comfortable calling any official to ask a question. Communicating with mutual respect. It doesn't exist. Without it, citizens will choose to make decisions that could hurt themselves and/or the town.

On the convention center, I am concerned about the opportunity cost on both the land and the dollars required to operate the center. I like the boardwalk and sunset concept, and I've mentionedthe Duck park as a possible model.

On sewage treatment, I am firmly in support of our onsite septic systems. I think they've done a good job for us, and with small amounts of maintenance, which we are encouraging, they will continue to provide good treatment. I think there is a place for central sewage in clustering development to preserve open space, as in The Village. But the recent problems with the central package plant have made me very wary. Big plant, big corporate ownership, potential big problem.

I can see us allowing central sewage expansion in critical environmental areas, like the request in the Fresh Pond AEC recently. But we've chosen a good path with onsite treatment, and I think we should stick with it.

The attitude of the leadership of the organization determines the culture of the organization. I think we have started on some change, but it will take some time for it to circulate through the organization. I think I can provide some good experience on setting that tone.

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