Friday, October 9, 2009

Question about Beach Nourishment

What is your stand on beach nourishment? Are you 100% for it? What is your time table for achieving it? You have a very nice website, but this will be the determining factor in my vote.

I think beach nourishment is the best alternative for the long run for the Town of Nags Head. The other obvious alternatives, hardening the shoreline, and retreat, carry costs that will be unacceptable to our citizens.

Hardening the shoreline is the worst case scenario. Sandbags have contributed to increased erosion on neighboring properties, and have literally taken over the public beach. While sandbags protect the individual home, they do so at the cost of the public beach. We have parts of the beach now where the waves break against the sandbags at all stages of the tide.

Retreat also comes with cumulative costs. For example, in the area around Jockeys Ridge, a retreat policy would allow homes on our historic cottage row to fall into the ocean. Shortly after the homes succumbed to erosion, the beach road, NC 12, would be threatened. The Bypass is only feet away from NC 12 in parts of this area. I think we would act to preserve NC 12, and the Bypass. Why not act before that point, and take the opportunity to preserve the historic homes, and our oceanfront tax base?

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