Thursday, October 29, 2009

Question about Time Constraints

It was suggested to me that you are very busy with your businesses, too busy to be effective as a Mayor.  Do you have time to do the job?
Bob is to modest to answer this question fairly so as his Treasurer and a former Mayor I am going to answer it for him.   Certainly Bob is busy now.  He spends time with each of his operations, Nags Head, Columbia and Ocracoke each week.  His time however is extremely flexible, certainly more flexible than mine was when I was in office and working full time at the US Post Office.  Bob's job at Villiage Realty is to lead rather than to do.  He has excellent employees who actually run the businesses, his role is to advise them and solve problems.  Much like the job of Mayor in Nags Head. 
Bob has space in his schedule for the average of 15-20 hours a week that it takes to be Mayor.  That time is spent returning contacts from residents and other stakeholders via phone and email,   It is spent meeting with the Town Manager and other staff to advise and problem solve.  Finally a portion is spent keeping in touch with the Commissioners and in bimonthly board meetings.  It need not be fit into a 9-5 workday, actually much of it takes place before and after those hours when the working people of Nags Head have time to talk to their Mayor.
It is important to note that the Mayor DOES NOT have day to day operational duties and good mayors don;t involve themselves in the nitty gritty.  Bob practices this in his businesses and will bring the same model to the Mayor's office.
You should also note the other things that Bob has managed to accomplish while building his businesses.   Bob has been active in a variety of local charities.  Not just a once a year donor but an active leader.  He has had time to be Chairman of the Outer Banks Community Foundation and over 5 years as the head of the local March of Dimes, he built the organization into one of the best in the state.  Bob has taken time to be a good citizen and good Commissioner.  It is this time Bob will devote to being Mayor. 
I am proud to support Bob Oakes for Mayor and I have no doubt that he is fully committed to doing the best job possible as the next Mayor of Nags Head.
Bob Muller, Mayor of Nags Head 2001 - 2005, Treasurer for The Committee to Elect Bob Oakes.

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