Friday, October 9, 2009

Vacation Homes and Litter

I agree with most of your agenda for the future of Nags Head. However, one thing that is a huge issue for me involves the vacation home rental companies. I know it's very difficult to regulate aspects of that business, but the amount of waste, pollution(too many cars), and strain on our utilities is getting out of hand. Also, the way the tourists stack themselves in these huge homes that aren't built to hold that many people and the blatant littering and disrespect is awful. I was raised in Nags Head and have worked for the Village Beach Club for about six years, so I see this first hand. I was wondering if you had any opinions or initiatives on how to alleviate these problems. Thank you in advance for you time and consideration.
Thanks for your note. I can appreciate your perspective. Litter is one of my pet peeves, and I take it personally.

From my point of view, and I'll say upfront that my opinion is based on my experience being in the vacation rental business,much of the disrespect you mention is from a small percentage of our guests. Creating solid waste is a normal byproduct. Our society uses cars as our main transportation. Guests use a lot of utility capacity, but they pay for more than their share, as well. I think we have to weigh the benefits in tax revenue and jobs against the costs of a tourism economy, and try to mitigate those costs where it is possible.

This is a short reply to a good question. I hope we can attract a group of guests who love Nags Head like the locals do, and try to weed out the relatively small percentage of rude ones.

I would welcome more conversation - it is an issue that affects us all.

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