Friday, October 9, 2009

Question about Hotel height and central sewage

What is your position on building hotels or any other buildings above 60 ft in height (excluding the Aquarium pier? Also, what is your position on city sewage or allowing sewage treatment lines from other towns to come into Nags Head?

Thanks for your questions. I think our height limit has proven to be all the community wants, so I would not accept hotels over 60 feet.

On sewage treatment, I think we should rely on the decentralized plan that has worked so well for us, while continuing the water quality testing that gives us a verification of our water quality. Although the VNH plant is a huge mess right now, I think that is due to corporate ownership - but big plant, big potential problems. The trade off is the open space that was set aside in the Village while the housing was clustered. I would consider a line from the KDH plant in environmentally sensitive areas like the Fresh Pond AEC, where there is a significant environmental benefit.

Please feel free to call me at 480 4705 if you'd like to discuss these or other issues.

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